6 comments on “A stranger in an unstrange land

  1. A long and winding road to arrive at a destination across the block … If its what you need to justify the natural order of things, fine … but in short… political and social unions are about mutual benefit, once one or both receive no benefit … the union is pointless. Independence is the natural and default order of any free thinking for person where grouping at what ever level is the process of attaining levels of mutual benefits by collective effort and risk. The figures quite clearly show that the union of the UK benefits only one party and that party is intent by whatever means to resist a divorce. Your article is fine and shows a path to the natural conclusion … it will shine a light for some no doubt.

    • If you mean that my piece was boring, fair enough. But it was about getting across the point that while the Better Together campaign are busy claiming they are the real Scots who are the patriotic ones and somehow at the same time accusing supporters of Independence of being Xenophobic nationalists, they are managing to noise up people that fall into neither camp. Their attempts at being emotive are like Jedi mind tricks. They only work on the weak minded.

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