About me

McDave was a nickname given to me by my London friends. Always referred to as “Scottish Dave” (because they knew so many Dave’s and all of them had a ‘pre-name’ based on where they were from) I asked them just what they would call me if I wasn’t from Scotland. “Dave McDave of the clan McDave” was the response. So McDave it is.

Of course, back in Scotland I’m just known as ‘Dave’. Which that plank Cameron ruined by his “Call me Dave!” quote. He shouldn’t even have the name David, as it means ‘Beloved’, which he sure as shit is not. He’s only liked by the filthy rich.

Anyhoo, onto the basics.

I do try and attend protests when I can, but living in the middle of nowhere doesn’t help. I’m a photographer, videographer, digital campaigner and basically just a guy that believes we can weed out corruption in Government if we all fight together.

I hate greed and stupidity. In a supposedly civilised society there is no need for either.

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